“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.”

CrossFit’s a strength and conditioning program that’s scalable for all fitness levels.  It incorporates high intensity interval training, Olympic lifting and gymnastic movements.

Workouts at CrossFit Dodge City combine—but aren’t limited to—the following movements:

Gymnastics: pull-ups, push-ups, ring dips, plyometric box jumps and medicine ball throws.

Cardiovascular: rowing, running and skipping.

Olympic lifting: squats, deadlifts, clean & jerks, and snatches.

A new workout is posted each day and everyone completes the same workout of the day (WOD). We sweat, yell, laugh and cheer together—there’s camaraderie among participants unlike any other gym experience.

All movements, weight and repetitions in each WOD are scalable and can be modified to suit any ability and injury. Our coaches are experienced, supportive and encouraging-committed to building a strong and healthy community.